If you are thinking of allotment gardening in glorious surroundings, this website will tell you how to go about it and some of the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of owning one. If you already have an allotment then there are details of social events as well as gardening tips and other information to make the gardening experience more enjoyable.

Allotment gardening is very popular and demand for plots is at its highest level for several years. There is a real growth in new tenants, particularly women and there is a new sense of energy and vitality out there on the plots. So go on, go for it and enjoy fresh seasonal vegetables, all with a hard to beat flavour and with that special quality mark ‘I grew it myself’.

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NEWS - Scalby Fair Record Breaker

Thanks to all who contributed produce or assistance on the day. We have broken the funds raised record yet again! 

This year we took £465 or £49 more than last year. 

Well done all.