How do I get a plot?

For plot enquiries please complete the form on the Contact Us page.

Is it hard work?

If you are going to run a marathon you don't start your training by running 20 miles - you start by walking half a mile. In the same way start with easy tasks and gradually build up. Digging a whole plot will eventually not be such hard work. It's good exercise and much, much cheaper than the gym!

In some cases half plots can be rented.

How much is it?
The rental charge is £33 for the year 2014 to 2015 (pro rata for half plots)

Is there a waiting list for plots?
Although all plots are currently let, there is a steady turn over so you shouldn’t have to wait long.

What can I grow?

Anything and everything - flowers, vegetables or fruit. The main rule is that plots should be kept cultivated and tidy.

I don't know anything about gardening - will anybody be able to help me?

Just try and stop others giving helpful advice, free plants and other help - plotholders want to see others succeed with their gardening.

How much time will it require?
How long is a piece of string - it depends on what you want to do and grow. A minimum time would be one afternoon a week but you will find that this grows on you and you spend more and more time on the plot. Some periods of the year are also more busy than others. The Spring sowing season tends to be much busier than Winter.

What costs are involved?
The basic rent is currently £33 per year. You will also need tools and seeds. Seeds for a plot should cost between £10 - £20. Tools can be picked up at car boot sales for a few pounds. Other plotholders will give you surplus plants. Manure can be delivered to site to help improve the 
soil fertility and is £20 per load from a local farmer. The  Agricultural Association organises a shop which sells seeds, seed potatoes, fertiliser, potting compost as well as beanpoles and black plastic sheeting. All profits from this go back to the allotments organisation. It costs £2 per year to become a member and is situated at 9 Roscoe Street, Scarborough.

Are children and dogs allowed on the plots?
Yes, providing adequate supervision is provided. Adults and children are asked to keep to paths and not walk across plots. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Will I have a shed to keep tools?
Some allotments do have a tool box others do not. There is a height restriction of 100 centimetres imposed by the allotment landowners.