Shutting the Gate .....before the horses bolted!!

Some of you will have been annoyed or inconvenienced by a recent visit to your plot from some stray horses. The manure might have been welcome but the hoof prints were not! Can we all take this as a timely reminder to shut the access gates in the evenings. Whilst it can be an inconvenience to get out of your car and close the gate, it may save a lot of trouble and also discourage casual crop thieves.

Green Waste Sacks

Please can allotment holders ensure that when leaving green waste for collection at the gates they do not include rubble or excessive soil in the sacks. Unfortunately some have not been collected by the refuse service as they exceed the weight limits for sacks. Please have a thought for your colleagues who will have to clear up the mess! Thank you.



There is a FONSA rotavator available for use by all allotment holders at a small charge. The keys for the machine can be obtained from Bob Kendall, John Stott or Mark Richards. Cost is £7 per single hour or £10  for two hours. After petrol costs monies go back to FONSA.

Please be aware this is a lightweight machine and is only suitable for use on ground that has been dug over first


Crime Prevention

Following on from a recent series of thefts and shed break ins we have recently had a visit from PC Ryan Lyth to advise us on crime prevention. Whilst we are mercifully not plagued by theft or vandalism, it does happen so take a look at the leaflets Ryan has kindly provided and do your bit to avoid problems.

If you are the victim of crime on the allotments please report it to the police using the 101 service. Give the open nature of the allotment site security will always be an issue but reporting theft will at least allow the police to build up a picture of any problems we face.

In the meantime don't be suprised if you occasionally see a police officer passing through the allotments as part of their patrol 

Sheducated 101.pdf (799345)
Secure your shed.pdf (2499635)
Allotment leaflet.pdf (2110051)